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Ensuring Smooth sailing through Mobile apps

Mobile App Development.

To trigger maximum growth of your brand, we create extraordinary experience for end-users by developing the most convenient mobile apps for your business. Our team of developers has the capability to design visually appealing, user-friendly and interactive mobile apps.

Why choose us?

In the era of Digital Transformation, it is essential to have a unique and innovative mobile app which can facilitatethe success of business. We develop apps that are optimized to deliver a useful and profound experience afterstructured discussions, effective strategies, exceptional UI/UX designs, and the modern technologies. Our designed mobile apps truly reflect the requirements of businesses and enable their growth in a very short period of time.


Our Mobile App Development Deliverables

We have amalgamated best in the market Mobile app strategies and developers to offer you Mobile App designs which completely revamp the outlook of your business.

iOS Apps

Being thoroughly aware of the Human Interface Guidelines, we develop interactive iOS apps which are based on the modern iOS outlines and models.

Android App

We strictly adhere to the Material Design Standards to create interactive Android apps, which follow the Android community guidelines.

React Native App Development

In order to create an everlasting impression of your business, we have adopted characteristics of react native apps which strongly appeal our clients

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

We take pride to be the only app development company that builds powerful applications in the most complex enterprise environment. We know how to make things happen.

Developing Methodology

Our very comprehensive developing methodology starts from pre-planning which involves asking key questions from the relevant stakeholders with regards to their target market. This pre-planning enables our team in forming an appropriate blueprint from the system’s viewpoint. By following this model, we identify the most crucial functionalities before the development to ensure that the mobile app turns out to be a success.



Engaging Designs

It is of utmost importance to make users find and subsequently download the mobile app. For these engagement purposes, our developing team makes the app designs significant and valuable. To achieve this, we make the needs of end-users our top priority, be it an IOS app or Android application. To make an app engaging, we lay special emphasis on content and micro-interactions.

Ensuring robust performance

To make sure that the mobile app performs in accordance to the client’s expectations and needs, we make our mobile app development process as secure as possible. This is achieved through decrease in the app’s response lag, exclusion of data redundancyand execution of high-end data encryption.

Following best Practices


Handling Memory Limitations

Since the mobile devices do not have high memory limitations like desktops so we use codes with smaller memory limitations for mobile programming. This also prevents the apps from crashing due to memory limitations’ issues


Making Default Keyboard simpler

We take care of the fact that users should get numerical keyboard and not the alphabetical ones when they intend to type digits.


Paying attention to Security

Due to increase in the use of mobile phone for internet, they have become more susceptible to cyber attacks. Therefore, ensuring cyber security while developing mobile apps is our top priority


Using Optimized Images

We are also aware of the fact that not all users have access to high bandwidth internet which is why our mobile developers use optimized images which can be downloaded by all users. This factor also makes the user experience better


Developing Useful UI Elements

The options in Mobile app menu should be easy to find and tap on. We make the UI design convenient for the user which ensures 100 percent user satisfaction


Saving Battery

We make sure that the mobile app does not drain the phone battery unnecessarily. Not every app needs a background process to run and this is how we optimize battery consumption.


Version Support

We ensure that the updated mobile apps support only the last two and current versions as supporting all the versions makes the code complex and also creates bugs.


Screen Optimization

As there are multiple screen sizes for Android and IOS devices, therefore, we test the app on various screen sizes before the launch. We make sure that the app is consistent with the chosen screen size, resolutions, and forms.


Robust Performance

We optimize the app on a regular basis and never let the user wait once the app is launched.Robust performance of our mobile apps is one of the major highlights of our services.


Introducing Offline Mode Option

We are also cognizant of the importance of offline mode for the users and enable them to store within the device for easy access

New Plans

Mobile App Development Pricing

Silver Mobile App

Excl. Moms

Good for small business

  • Up to 5 screens
  • GDPR Complaint APP
  • iPhone or Android (Any One)
  • Image Gallery
  • Services / Product Display
  • Custom design
  • Free 1 month support (up to 5 hours)

Gold Mobile App

Excl. Moms

Good for marketing

  • Up to 12 screens
  • GDPR Complaint APP
  • iPhone or Android (Any One)
  • Image Gallery
  • Services / Products Display
  • Easy to manage CMS
  • Android App/iOS App
  • Push Notification Offers
  • Custom design
  • 2 Payment Gateways integration
  • Free 3 months support (up to 10 hours)

Platinum Mobile App

Excl. Moms

Both Mobile apps Package

  • Up to 50 screens
  • GDPR Complaint APP
  • iPhone & Android (Both Apps)
  • Image Gallery
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) Calling
  • Services / Products Display
  • Easy to manage CMS
  • Push Notification Offers
  • SMS Module
  • Custom design
  • Upto 3 Payment Gateways integration
  • Firebase Analytics
  • Google Maps Intergration
  • 2x 3rd party API integration
  • Free 3 months support (up to 25 hours)

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